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Wellness is a service proposed by the Scholarships, Aid & Partnerships Center, that deals with students’ physical and psychological well-being.

The goal is to allow students to achieve personal development by learning how to better manage their stress and improve their lifestyle through better mental and physical health.

Our staff is here to help and accompany students through the different stages of student life at NEAOMA BS.

We are proud to offer you several care services based on wellness, and advice in your fields of interest, free of charge:

  • Support for students with disabilities,
  • Accompaniment of students in difficulty via the psychological cell,
  • Help and support for students through the prevention and fight against violence cell,
  • Conferences, held by MGEL health advisors, on risk prevention (addictions, sexuality, nutrition, well-being, cyber-uses),
  • Workshops focused on personal development led by Talent & Career professors,
  • Sophrology sessions led by professionals from the Sophrology Schools of Reims and Normandy.


Translation – Agence 001 Traduction

During their studies in France, students may have to translate some of their home and official documents to French language (birth certificate for example).

A discount of 20% will be applied for each quotation / estimate emailed to Agence 001 Traduction.

If they are interested by this offer, they have to email the documents and the company will keep them informed about the price and delay.

Insurances – MGEL

MGEL company provides additional healthcare insurance, housing insurance, “Pass Yay” includes civil liability, services, discounts and advantages.

Computer and electronic devices – ARP

ARP is a platform available to the students to buy a computer with the NEOMA BS prices on negotiated terms.

Tailor – Col Vert

Col Vert is a startup that delivers suits at negotiated rates for our students.

By now, you should be settled in your home in France,

and have completed all necessary administrative procedures upon arrival. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

We wish you a fruitful and memorable stay with us at NEOMA BS!

Looking forward to meeting you on campus!

The HUB Teams

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