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L’Atelier by NEOMA BS

The members of « L’Atelier by NEOMA BS » association have been working all year round to propose you sweaters and products bearing the NEOMA BS logo. They are proud to invite you to discover their new collection online :
On this website, you can purchase some clothes or goodies for you, for your friends or for your familiy. Your products will be directly delivered to you at a relay point or on one of the NEOMA BS campus !

L’Atelier by NEOMA BS

Instagram account (Rouen)

Instagram account (Reims)

MondoPal - One pack is all it takes

NEOMA and MondoPal partner up to make sure you move in easily, quickly and without breaking the bank!

Your own place at last but nothing to cook or make your bed? Forget the 6-hour journey to IKEA and the endless scroll on Amazon. Wasting your time and money, that was before.
NEOMA revolutionizes your move-in on campus with MondoPal!
Discover a range of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom packs designed with your needs in mind. You can even build your pack from start to finish by choosing from 40+ items.

Up to 28% cheaper – Compared to Carrefour, IKEA and other retailers.

Next-day delivery – Everywhere in France, even on Saturday. At home or in a pickup relay.

Best discount – To get started, visit NEOMA Business School – MondoPal, an exclusive discount code is waiting for you!


Wellness is a service proposed by the Scholarships, Aid & Partnerships Center, that deals with students’ physical and psychological well-being.

The goal is to allow students to achieve personal development by learning how to better manage their stress and improve their lifestyle through better mental and physical health.

Our staff is here to help and accompany students through the different stages of student life at NEAOMA BS.

We are proud to offer you several care services based on wellness, and advice in your fields of interest, free of charge:

  • Support for students with disabilities,
  • Accompaniment of students in difficulty via the psychological cell,
  • Help and support for students through the prevention and fight against violence cell,
  • Conferences, held by MGEL health advisors, on risk prevention (addictions, sexuality, nutrition, well-being, cyber-uses),
  • Workshops focused on personal development led by Talent & Career professors,
  • Sophrology sessions led by professionals from the Sophrology Schools of Reims and Normandy.

For all international students NEOMA BS!

Do you want to discover typical areas of the city, blend into the local culture and meet new people, but don’t know where to start ?

Find a local student to help you through your mobility!

What’s a buddy ?

Buddies are a tandem of two students, one local student (a mentor) and one international student (a mentee).

Your buddy can help you:

  • Discover your new campus and the city
  • Deal with French administrative tasks
  • Find accommodation
  • Practice a new language
  • Meet new people
  • Blend into the local culture !

Go find your buddy!

How does it work ?

  1. Register and fill in basic but key information about yourself (date of arrival, hobbies, age, campus…), it takes less than 10 min !
  2. A Buddy will be assigned to you based on your compatibility profile and you can start to chat together !

Visit your dashboard to check your messages and discover your Buddy profile, events and services available in your city!


Insurances – MGEL

MGEL company provides additional healthcare insurance, housing insurance, “Pass Yay” includes civil liability, services, discounts and advantages.


Our partnership with the BNP PARIBAS Bank allows our international students to open a bank account with them at preferential rates.

We strongly encourage our students to open a bank account in France to facilitate various administrative procedures :

  • For French National Health Insurance medical fee reimbursements,
  • To receive the CAF housing allowance, if you are eligible,
  • To get the CROUS housing deposit back at the end of the semester/year,
  • To renew your residence permit, you must provide French bank account statements,
  • If you are a non-European student, it is more convenient to have a bank account in French (less fees)

Tailor – Col Vert

Col Vert is a startup that delivers suits at negotiated rates for our students.


LOCA Rouen (an ENACTUS project) allows you to rent household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) and furniture (beds, tables, etc.) at reasonable prices to all NEOMA BS students. Its primary mission is to facilitate the circular economy and allow students to rent goods at an affordable price.

Contact : Loca Rouen

Site :


Studying abroad is exciting, but preparing for your arrival can be daunting for you and your family, because of the amount of preparation needed, the worry of not knowing who to turn to in case of need while keeping the desire to make the most of your stay .

You can rely on STUDENT CONCIERGE CLUB to benefit everywhere in France and in Europe with permanent, tailor-made support, to feel quickly surrounded, safe and supported throughout your stay.

STUDENT CONCIERGE CLUB is the First inclusive welcome and support service facilitating your educational mobility.

  • ACCES to a bilingual telephone support with a personal assistant 24/7 for all your daily needs wherever you are in France and Europe.

The Concierge of the Student Concierge club  works with more than 52,000 partners around the world to meet all your needs, good plans, trips, housing, rental garantee, bank

  • Advice, free information, only requests for services or specific procedures from your assistant will be chargeable (example shopping, organizing a trip …) – Quotation on request and tailor-made.

By now, you should be settled in your home in France,

and have completed all necessary administrative procedures upon arrival. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

We wish you a fruitful and memorable stay with us at NEOMA BS!

Looking forward to meeting you on campus!

The HUB Teams

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