Step 8

Staying connected

Once you have registered, you can access a wide range of IT tools and services offered to our students through your INSIDE account.

Student IT Tools & Services

NEOMA BS Login Info: used for all NEOMA BS IT services!

  • Your @first Login : firstname.lastname.XX@first (XX = last two digits of the year you enter NEOMA BS. Ex. 2019 = 19)
  • Your@first password: sent to you to complete your registration at NEOMA BS

WIFI @ NEOMA BS: Network name Neoma BS

Your NEOMA BS E-mail Account: (XX = last two digits of the year you enter NEOMA BS. Ex. 2019 = 19)

Student Portal & app

We encourage you to explore INSIDE freely, where you will find your NEOMA BS e-mail account, the Library and its online resources, the e-learning platform Courses, your class schedule, and many other online tools.

The My NEOMA BS app is your new digital tool, soecifically designed for students.

Access a whole set of essential information related to your school life: your schedule, your grades, your credits, NEOMA news, … Information that is updated in real time, to make your experience in our School even more intuitive, natural and enjoyable.

Apple Store – Google Play


L’application mobile designée pour les étudiants de l’Ecole

Yammer Groups

We encourage you to join our different Yammer groups, where you can get the latest information from our services, and meet and chat with your future classmates or directly with our service. There is a group for International students on each of our campuses: International Students Rouen, International Students Reims and International Students Paris. Or you can even create your own Yammer group for your friends!

Microsoft IT tools

NEOMA BS gives you access to a wide range of Microsoft Office Tools at

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