Step 8

Staying connected

WIFI @ NEOMA BS: Network name Neoma BS

Your NEOMA BS E-mail:

NEOMA BS email account 

At the start of the semester, all communications from the School (staff, professors, notifications, …) will be sent to this email address.

  • Microsoft Office 365: 
  • Connect with your login and your usual password
  • Consult your NEOMA BS emails by clicking on Outlook 

Your timetable 

  • Connect on using your email address and your usual password 
  • Click on the following tabs: Classes > My schedule  

COURSES platform

  • MyNEOMAgora > Classes > Courses section 
  • Connect with your @first login and your usual password  
  •  Access course material, upload work, contact your professors, …

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Microsoft IT tools

NEOMA BS gives you access to a wide range of Microsoft Office Tools at

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