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Healthcare in France

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Social Security Registration for Foreign Students

Your Healthcare in France

Your healthcare provider during your stay in France will differ, depending on your personal situation.

Please consult the table below, to find out who your healthcare provider will be, and how to ensure that you are well covered.

Your country of residence The length of your stay Your healthcare coverage provider Procedure to follow
A member country of the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland Not applicable Your European healthcare provider

* if you are not covered by a European healthcare provider, you must register for the French National Health Insurance (see procedure for any other country & over 3-month stay)

Nothing to be done, but do be sure to have your valid European Health Insurance Card on you for each medical visit.
Any other country Less than 3 months A private international insurance provider We strongly recommend that you purchase an international insurance for the full period of your stay in France.
Any other country Over 3 months The French National Health Insurance Register for the French National Health Insurance upon your arrival in France at the following link :  

(website available in French and English)


In short, no matter what visa you arrive in France with,
as long as you stay here for over 3 months,
you may be covered by the French National Health Insurance

To subscribe to the French National Health Insurance, you will need to register online as soon as you arrive, as you will not be covered before finalizing your registration on

Official information can be found on the Campus France website:

During your French National Health Insurance registration on, you will be asked to provide the following documents, in electronic format :

  • Passport ID page / national ID card
  • Visa or Residence Permit for your stay in France
  • Civil status document (one of the following: copy of your birth certificate (issued by your local government, if living in birth country, or issued by your consulate, if living outside of your birth country), a family record book (livret de famille), or marriage certificate)
  • Enrollment certificate for the current academic year (available on INSIDE > HUB > Useful Administrative Documents)
  • French bank account references (Relevé d’identité bancaire (RIB)) to receive your reimbursements (bank accounts can be opened during the Forum on our International Welcome Day)

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