Step 7.3


The OFII procedure is an administrative migration hurdle that all students with a particular visa must go through to be considered legal in France.


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Who is concerned?

If your stay in France does not exceed 3 months (90 days), you will have no particular immigration procedures to attend to once in France.
If your visa indicates “DISPENSE TEMPORAIRE DE TITRE DE SEJOUR”, you will have no particular immigration procedures to attend to once in France.
If your visa indicates “ETUDIANT CESEDA R311-3 6°”, and you will stay in France for over three months, you will need to register on line with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) upon arrival in France. In order to comply with this requirement, students will need to do the following, as soon as possible after arrival.
What is the procedure?
Upon your arrival at NEOMA Business School, you must validate your visa online and register on the portal.

To do that, you will need to enter:

Your visa number,
The dates of the beginning and end of validity of your visa,
The mention appearing on your visa (for example CESEDA…),
Your address in France,
Your arrival date in France.
Afterwards you also will have to pay the immigration fee online on the same site (Buy a virtual excise stamp).

After the payment of the fee, the visa will be validated and you will have to download a certificate confirming that your visa validation has been completed online.

Please keep this certificate carefully with you! You will need it:

  • To travel and come back to France – immigration control
  • To renew your visa with the Prefecture if you have to stay longer in France for your studies (without this document a regularization fine of 340 Euros has to be paid!)
  • To apply for the housing allowance (CAF)
  • To complete the French health insurance application

This is a compulsory procedure and if students have not validated their file within 3 months of their arrival in France, they will no longer be able to travel in the Schengen area and will be considered as being in an irregular situation on the French territory.

Travelling outside of France

If you wish to visit a foreign country within the Schengen area: your long-stay, multiple entries visa allows you to travel within the Schengen area.

If you wish to visit a country outside the Schengen area, or visit your home country:

Within 3 months of your arrival in France: Travel is authorized without your OFII certificate, with a long-stay, multiple-entry visa.
3 months after your arrival: you must have the OFII certificate. If you have not undergone the OFII formalities before the deadline (3 months after arrival), you will have to apply for a new long-stay visa from the diplomatic or consular services in your home country.

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