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Welcome Events


International Welcome Days are designed to help you settle in in your new life in France and at NEOMA BS as comfortably as possible. 

International Welcome Days take place during the first week of each semester. 

Our programmed events will introduce you to our staff and services, and to student life at NEOMA BS.

With the help of our staff and your mentors, your transition will be easy and fun, and definitely unforgettable.

A month before the start of each semester, international students will received a detailed e-mail with all the necessary information about our International Welcome Days (place, date, hours). 

City Tour

The city tour is different every year. It is meant to help you meet fellow international students, get familiar with your new surroundings, and relax and enjoy this new place that is your new home. 

You will learn about it in the Travel Plan questionnaire that we will ask you to fill out just before your arrival. 

Looking forward to sharing your first days with us here! 


During the International Welcome Days, a Forum will be held to allow you to take care of administrative formalities with our corporate partners on campus grounds!  

You will have the possibility to : 

  • subscribe to an optional complementary health insurance thanks to our partners the MGEL ( and / or the SMENO, 
  • open a French bank account, necessary for all students renting in France, and for the CAF application (housing allowance), 
  • get your student card and learn about the student discounts it provides ( 

International Welcome Day – Neoma BS


We strongly suggest that you arrive on campus for the International Welcome Days, but as this is not always possible, here is a guideline as to what to take care of upon arrival.

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